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March 25, 2020

Kip - A Children's Book about self-confidence

This children's book series is geared towards self-love and self-care for young children to improve their feelings of self-worth. After validating the concept through a simple landing page, I was asked to build out a complete website and funnel for this lovable product.

The front page of the Kip website

Although there already was a clear "why" for the product, its users had not yet clearly been defined. The goal was to clearly define the users, build a functional webshop, and start generating sales in a functional, automated funnel.


Persona's and implications

Because the user of the product was not the buyer, we created two persona's: A Buyer Persona (the child) and an Ideal Customer Profile (the mother).

It was the mother we needed to convince, but it was the child we needed to help.

The Ideal Customer Persona, Jesse
Our avatar, Sam

From the first conversions on the landing page, we interviewed the target audience to define their problems, values and wishes. We then collected this knowledge into a value proposition and persona. It became clear that many of these children faced a every clear and concrete problem: bullying.

This created a clear focus for our branding, design, information structure and eventual targeting.

The website itself served two goals. It needed to have both the necessary information for the mother, as well as be entertaining and exciting for the child.

  1. We worked with a professional illustrator - who had also worked on the children's books themselves - to add colourful drawings. We also added small animations on images, which created a feeling of fun and discovery as children could discover all the small hidden animations put on the website.
  2. For the mother, we added a blog as well as separate pages to clearly explain the concept of the books for grownups. We also added a FAQ to answer the most common questions.

Free giveaway

We worked with an animation studio to create a short video that we could use on social media and the website itself.

Here, buyers could download a free ebook that worked as a prequel in the story.

The prequel book

After downloading the ebook, an email chain began where the blogs were reused into informative emails. Occasional Calls To Action reminded readers of buying the full package of books.


Price per sale for the ads: 5 euros, ROI of ~491%

After the website, email funnel and payment tools were laid out, Facebook ads with the video began. After some optimization of the landing pages, the lead price was finally reduced to 49 cents. Since 3% of leads eventually bought the book set, we managed an ROI of 491%.

This set the book on the market and ensured continuous positive growth that could pay for itself.